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Essential Medical Massage  - Medical & Sports Massage With A Healing Touch
Clinical Services
Medical Massage
Medical massage is measurable and outcome-based therapy that is generally more focused and detailed to help address specific diagnoses or symptoms.  A variety of modalities are used to help relieve such symptoms as numbness and tingling, burning, inflammation, tightness, pain, limited range of motion, limited circulation and fluid retention, while also maintaining to look at the body as a whole.  Postural assessment and imbalances are noted, along with muscle inhibitions (weaknesses) or facilitation (tightness).  Manual techniques applied are used according to each client's individual needs and toleration.  These may include but not limited to:
- Postural Assessment - Trigger Point Release - Myofascial Release - Neuromuscular Therapy - Stretching & Joint Mobilization - Muscle Activation - Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping and more.  

*Please note that Essential Medical Massage does not specialize in 'relaxation' or full body massage.  However, the therapist will address areas of the body as needed to resolve more complex issues.

30 min:  $45        60 min:  $80        90 min:  $115        120 min:  $160

Cancer Care 
Oncology massage may be performed throughout an individual's treatment and beyond, according to physician's recommendation and approval.  This therapy can play a vital role in relieving common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  During an immensely stressful time in one's life, the patient and their family members can look forward to therapy that feels good with positive memories.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel like a nurtured individual and not just a medical patient!  The goal of every session is to provide an increase in overall comfort while he or she may be undergoing more invasive treatments.  Massage and nurturing touch for persons with cancer (or recently undergone cancer therapy) can help relieve pain, nausea, fatigue while helping to boost immunity.  *Please see my Cancer Care page for more information.

60-90 minutes: $80-115.
A doctor's release for therapy is required. 
Home visits may be available. Please call for more information.

Pediatric Massage (ages 2-17)
This session typically lasts 30-45 minutes depending on age and developmental level. The therapist may use a combination of nurturing touch, acupressure, and gentle manual techniques while care is given to maintain appropriate language and descriptions for each child's age level, developmental level, and health needs. The massage may be done either on a padded massage table, or on the floor with plenty of pillows for support.  Pediatric massage has many proven benefits that can help any child or teen. Your child will love it and thank you for it!
*Please visit my Pediatric Massage page for more information.

       30-45 min massage for children 2-12: $35
          30-60 min massage for children 13-17: $35-$80

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
A gentle, non-invasive technique that is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph from the tissue spaces.  MLD uses a specific amount of pressure to gently stretch the skin, while torque is applied with rhythmic circular movements.  This modality assists the cutaneous lymphatics in picking up and removing not just fluids, but all the waste products, protein particles and debris from our system. 
Some benefits:
-Enhance surgical recovery - Facilitate fluid drainage (as with edema)
-Headaches - Scar tissue regeneration - Chronic fatigue - Sinusitis -Arthritis -Cancer Recovery

45 min (includes Torso + Upper or Lower Extremities):  $65